Fres Hands - Hand sanitizer

Hygiene and surgical hand sanitizer

This Sandal Perfumed Sanitizer is Used For Every Family Members, Hospitals, Food Processing, Packaging Industry And Kitchen Applications.


  • It is recommended mainly for Children / Adults / Doctors / Nurses
  • Acts quickly to kill micro-organisms on hands.
  • Smoothens hand feel
  • Suitable for hygiene and hospital surgical application.
  • Vitamin E and emollient prevent skin irritation and dryness.
  • Kill 99.99 % germs in 30 seconds.


Hand sanitizing with fresHands is especially important in this COVID 19 situation to family members of day life activities. Every individual person is at greater risk of COVID 19 which can easily spread to family members and others in the community. To protect your family health, the fresHands sanitizer applied hands promotes sound hygiene by applying in their every activities. fresHands can be used in health care for doctors, nurses, patient bed side and those who caring for sick people. Very hygienic for the periodic use of people working in poultry, sh processing, meat processing, handling food, handling pets, handling animal waste, handling garbage etc.


Apply 2 3ml from the dispenser, to the dry hand and massage thoroughly in to the skin, paying more attention to the nger tip, nail sand webs of the nger. Within 30 seconds the product completely evaporates and leaving skin soft, smooth and free of germs.


fresHands Sanitizer is stable for up to 24 months from the date of production, when stored in the original unopened container in a dry area without exposure to direct sunlight at temperature up to 20°C.