Germicidal cleaner for sanitisation to Outdoor surfaces

Composition Water based alkaline compounds
Flammability Non-Flammable
Ionic Nature Anionic
Miscibility Miscible in cold water
Compatibility Nonionic products


fresSpray contains a special fat dissolving property which removes the protective layer (Lipid membrane) of viral particles & this makes them inactive.

  • Solvent free dispersion
  • A double effect product with cleaning & degreasing property

How does fresSpray help?

Corona Virus particles can linger on different surfaces for days, especially on stainless steel / cement floors / PVC materials. Hence, frequent cleaning of all surfaces in production environment is essential.

fresSpray being a fat dissolving composition. It effectively eliminates viral particles by dissolving the protein in viral particles from water proof surfaces & prevent from replicating.


Dilute 1.5 Ltrs - 2.5 Ltrs fresSpray in 50 ltrs, water & sprinkle on the area to be cleaned or wipe using a sponge to clean plastic surfaces.

Available Packing : 5 Ltrs, 50 Ltrs