About Us

Incorporated in 2008

Organz Biotech is a leading manufacturer in chemicals involved in the textile, water treatment and oil industry

The green and orange emblem and the slogan ‘to grow with nature’ dispel the core ideology of Organ’z. When global outcry is to reduce pollution in every form, Organ’z has made a definite step towards practically achieving it.

Founded by experienced technocrats with multi‐national experience and driven by a vibrant and energetic team, we combine cutting‐edge technology and innovation with superior application and dynamic customer service team.

Textile Chemicals
Water Treatment

The bio‐degradable textile auxiliaries enlisted by us, covers a plethora, ranging from preparation to finishing of all fibers and their mixes


Our core philosophy of 'to grow with nature' is the princple that has always defined us, and that guides our emergence as a World Enterprise, dedicated to the betterment of everyone around us to preserve our Mother Earth.


To become our ORGAN’Z brand as one of the renowned and most reliable brands of textile, water & effluent treatment INDUSTRIES processing chemicals with environmental-friendly chemistry.


To provide the complete solutions of textile processing and its sustainability compliances through our competitive organic chemicals and our expert team.