ORGOKOL BSN LIQ., Excellent Protective colloid, Sequestering and complexing agent for reactive.
ORGOKOL SNS LIQ., Economical Dispersing, sequestering and protective colloid for reactive dyes
ORGOKOL SNE LIQ., An economical sequestering agent with dispersing property
ORGOKOL TSP LIQ., A unique solvent based inter polymer designed for multifunctional use in textile processing. Total trouble shooting product for all kind of machines and fibers.
ORGOKOL DIS LIQ., A high pressure stable, super dispersant for dyeing with disperse, napthol, vat and indigo dyes
ORGOKOL ODI LIQ., A special dispersing agent for polyester dyeing in order to reduce the precipitation and deposition of oligomers on the goods and in the dyeing machines.