Fres Hands - Liquid Soap

Liquid Anti-Bacterial Handwash


  • fresHands CLOVE LS: Total 10 Germ production Handwash contains our patented ingredient, CLOVE oil.
  • Keeps hands clean and protects against infection causing germs Protects from 99.9% germs in just 20 seconds
  • Non-Irritant to Skin
  • Natural Essential CLOVE oil is added to ensure the hygienically safe


  • Use Water and wet your Hands Thoroughly
  • Use fresHands CLOVE LS 1-3 ml and lather very well
  • Scrub your hands, between Fingers & Wrists for 10 Sec
  • Scrub under you Nails
  • Rinse Thoroughly


Aqua, Methyl ester sulfonate (Plam origin), Sodium chlorite, Methyl Benzethonium chloride (QAC), Glycerol I.P (98%), Essentil oil, Citric acid

Available Packing : 200ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltrs