SOFTLON CIS FLAKES A flake form and soluble in cold water Cationic softner, imparting extremely fluffy feel with inner softness and good durability.
SOFTLON OC LIQ., A Special Liquid cationic softener for natural and synthetic fibers.
SOFTLON TZ LIQ., A specially designed cationic softener which imparts a very soft and bulky feel to natural fibers with non yellowing property.
SOFTLON NIF FLAKES Water soluble non ionic softener which gives excellent surface smoothness with low yellowing property
SOFTLON NYS LIQ., A non ionic & non yellowing softener for good surface smoothness and bulkiness.
SOFTLON SFC LIQ., A new modified non yellowing softener which produces smoothness and soft inner feel on fabric
SOFTLON COP LIQ., A new modified softener, which protects the denim garment by anti ozonate property and gives surface smoothness