Bio cleaning agent for Fruits & Vegetable

100% natural washing agent for fruits & vegetables to clean the surface pesticides, microbes, soil and solid impurities.

Proven antibacterial effectiveness with the recommended dosage and ensures hygiene cleaning with natural taste and aroma of all fruits and vegetables.

Direction for usage 1ml of fresFruveg to 75ml of water (1.3% solution)

  • Pre rinse the fruits and vegetables
  • Submerge the chopped, peeled or sliced, etc., vegetables & fruits into the prepared solution (pH <= 3), and retain it for one minute. Can be scrubbed or agitated for better cleaning. Then drain well.
  • Rinse only if desired with portable water.
  • Refill the soak tank with fresFruveg after every use.

Available Packing : 500 ml, 1 Ltr